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Articles: Thuc, Abp.

Consecration certificate written in Abp. Thuc's own hand
Archbishop Thuc

Translation of handwritten certificate issued by Archbishop Thuc

      "We, Peter Martin Ngô-dinh-Thuc, Titular Archbishop of Bulla Regia, give notice of the following to all: on the 17th day of the month of October, in the year 1981, we conferred the episcopal rank of the Catholic Church on Father Moses Carmona Rivera, with all rights pertaining to said rank.

      "Given on the 18th day of the month of October, in the year of Our Lord 1981.

      "[signature] +Peter Martin Ngô-dinh-Thuc

      "The eyewitnesses were:

      "Doctor Kurt Hiller and Doctor Eberhard Heller

      "[signature] Dr. Kurt Hiller

      "[signature ] Dr. E. Heller."

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